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PVBI-6412-00 - The New Gold Standard in Soft Fruit Handling.

Mondipal & Inka’s new field tray is a huge step forward for the UK’s soft fruit industry. Unveiled by Inka Pallets team at July’s prestigious Fruit Focus exhibition in Kent, the new PVBI-6412-00 field tray was immediately met with interest; and not just because of its eye catching, 2 tone colouring, or its ergonomic design and superior build quality.

 Above all, growers were instantly won over by the trays’ clever design features which represent huge advances in 2 critical areas, over conventional 600x400mm stacking trays; safety and cost saving.


The most obvious feature of the PVBI series, is its distinctive ‘bi-colour’ design which offers an unmistakable indication as to whether the tray is in ‘nest’ or ‘stack’ mode, so misplacements are going to be a thing of the past. Not only this, but when the tray is in nest mode, the whole pile can be manoeuvred as one unit, making handling empty trays so much easier, and ‘jenga’ like falls in the warehouse a thing of the past.

However, the most ingenious thing at the heart of the PVBI’s safety claim, is its ingenious safety rail design feature which enables operators to slide the crate on and off the stack with ease - eliminating the need to ‘reach and lift’; a primary cause of back injuries amongst operatives. This safety rail system also prevents damage to fruit because the rails ensure that the tray securely locates itself on the stack every single time; reducing the chance of crushed or damaged produce.

 Cost saving

In addition to it’s safety and handling benefits, the PVBI-6412-00 will offer a real ROI compared with traditional stacking containers.

For many years now, growers have stuck to conventional 600x400mm stacking containers for picking and moving soft fruit from the field to the packhouse. And it’s understandable; when the harvest is in full flow, fruit picking operatives can’t be slowed down by erecting folding crates, or bothering with the swing bars on a bale arm tray. No matter how space-saving these other designs may be; users just want to pick up a container, and pick fruit straight into it. 

On the other hand, the big drawback to a conventional stacking container has always been the significant space required to store them when they are not in use. And if your packhouse is a fair distance away from the field, it can be a painful expense that you need just as much vehicle space to transport empty trays back to the field as it requires to bring full trays from it. The PVBI-6412-00 offers the solution to this dilemma, as the tray truly offers the best of both worlds. It is a robust tray with no moving parts that can simply be picked up, and picked straight into; just like a conventional stacking container. Moreover, its internal walls don’t taper at the bottom, so you can get just as much fruit in the base as you can at the rim (10 punnets). Therefore to all intents and purposes it behaves in exactly the same, speedy, easy-to-use, way that a stacking container does. The big advantage though, is that when the tray is stacked empty, it takes just 50% of the space needed to store or transport, which saves a huge amount in warehousing or haulage costs.


Finally, if you like the idea of the PVBI-6412-00 for your farm or packhouse but you have already invested heavily in traditional style trays you don’t need to worry. The PVBI series works seamlessly with most conventional 600x400mm field trays, or euro norm containers. This compability means you can transition onto the PVBI series of trays gradually over a period of seasons rather than splashing out on a complete overhaul. This is equally true of all the heights and configuartions in the PVBI family. So whether it's euro containers used for automotive, meat, fish, other food manufacture, then the PVBI is an easy switch.

Don't take our word for it, just ask the world famous Wilkin & Sons Ltd (Tiptree Fruit), who simply love our tray since they switched.

For more information or for prices, just contact our friendly sales team by email or telephone: / (+44) 01277 811 085.

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